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We have all heard the advice that we should live "in the moment". Lomilomi teaches the practitioner to be "in the moment" when giving Lomilomi. The Receiver (client) feels the difference. The long gentle strokes induce a feeling of relaxation that stays with them for days.

Lomilomi is an ancient healing Hawaiian massage. My training started in California with Tom Cochran of SacredLomi, a practitioner who studied in Hawaii. My training is continuing. I invite you to visit

and watch his demonstration videos. The Hawaiian music and the rebirthing sheet ceremony will help you connect to your inner self. As one client said after her 3rd session, " I suddenly felt that I was OK. My body was OK"

Lomilomi encourages a journey towards acceptance and forgiveness and fosters a non-judgemental environment.

I would love to start you on that journey.


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